Program suggestions

Henrik playing the pianoHenrik Bo Hansen’s repertoire is varied and englobes all periods in musical history, although with a slight preference for Romantisicm and the classics of the 20th century.

Programme examples:

Repertoire example #1

Romantism and modernity

Bach/Busoni: Chaconne

Chopin: Ballade, F-Major
Bártók: Sonata (1926)
Brahms: Fantasies, opus 116

To begin witn a transcription: Bach’s great Chaconne, originally written for solo violin, here romantically rewritten for piano by Busoni. Then Chopin’s Ballade going from the peaceful melodic sweetness to violent, passionate udbrud.
Béla Bártók’s sonata is a classic from the 20th century recogniced by its rythimical intensity, its drive, dissonances and virtuosity.
This programme is afrundes by Brahms’ glowing, autumn-coloured fantasies.

Repertoire example #2

From Europe to America

Beethoven: Sonata, As-Major, opus 26
Liszt: Sonetto 104 del Petraca
Liszt: Au bord d’une Source
Liszt: Les jeux d’eau de la Villa d’Este
Ravel: Jeux d’Eau
Gershwin: Rhapsodie in Blue

This sonata by Beethoves is leading us through a series of beautiful variations: a movement filled with temperament and humour, a very famous funeral march and a light and airy finale.
Hereafter Franz Listz’s fascinating world of romantic piano music with reference to poetry, the rippling water and the fountains of the Villla d’Este outside Rome where Liszt was sejourning. Finally Gershwin’s breaking, symphonic jazz from 1924.

Repertoire example #3
Nordic programme

Grieg: Lyrical pieces
Grieg: Ballade, opus 24
Carl Nielsen: Suite, opus 45

First a selection of Grieg’s many, lovely lyrical pieces reaching very far in character and moods. Then the most important of Grieg’s piano works, the Ballade in g-minor, moving variations of deep dimansions. To finish with, Carl Nielsen’s Suite, maybe the most important work for piano by a Scandinavian composer – a work that in 6 movements filled with contrasts reflects the essence of Carl Nielsen’s greatness.

Repertoire example #4
Organ / Piano

Bach: Toccata and Fuge in d-minor for organ
Carl Nielsen: 5 pieces for piano, opus 3
Ravel: Pavane for piano
Schumann: Arabeske, C-Major for piano
Boëlmann: Gothic Suite for organ.

Two of the organ literature’s hits, Bach’s Toccata and Fuge and Boëlamnn’s  Gothic Suite are surrounding the pieces for piano – intimate, poetic and yet very different.

Repertoire example #5

Bach: Adagio, Toccata and Fuge in C-Major
César Franck: Choral no. 3, a-minor
Liszt: Prelude and Fuge over B-A-C-H
Boëlmann: Gothic Suite

A programme which – after a majestetic introduction with Bach’s masterpiece – is concentration on the Romantic expression in three of the organ repertoire’s most important pieces from this epoke.