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Henrik Bo Hansen
Klampenborgvej 18B

Ph: +45 39 90 90 65
Pianist and organist Henrik Bo Hansen

Henrik Bo HansenWelcome

On the following pages, you will be able to get an impression of Henrik Bo Hansen’s scope as pianist and organist.

Henrik readily presents programmes of great variety and often introduces the works, also in English. The works would be contextualised as to their position in musical history and to their historical and biographical context.

The examples represents only a small selection of his vast repertoire for the two instruments. If you have specific wishes for a particular event, you may naturally always contact us.

The Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen was born 200 years ago in 2005. Henrik Bo Hansen can offer you an evening with Hans Christian Andersen with a focus on the music of Andersen’s time.

In 1994, Henrik Bo Hansen played a series of recitals at Karen Blixen’s farm at Ngong outside of Nairobi, Kenya.
Another programme tells the story of the music of the life of Karen Blixen and of how History through music reaches human nature.

Yet another programme presents the Nordic composers with a focus on the distinct Scandinavian language transmitted through the music.